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Faith above reason is the understanding that reality is not the way I imagine it. I am inside the Creator, the upper force that governs me. The enormous world that appears before me is inside of me. I have to attract the Creator’s force so it will fill my entire world and set everything right.

It seems to a person that he feels the external world. He is locked inside himself and feels himself from inside. Reality is inside of us. It’s as if I am sleeping and seeing dreams about how I’m doing something, somewhere. When I awaken, I see that the true reality is different. Likewise when revealing spirituality, we understand that we were as dreamers.

We do not feel where we are—like the blind and deaf, we don’t feel the true world, progressing through it by feeling around. This is the correction. The Creator created concealment so we would attain perfection. From concealment we would reach revelation, from reason we would rise to faith above reason, from reception to bestowal.

The pressure between fragmentation and the aspiration to unite reaches a size, like in a lightbulb, which lights up when the pressure is 220 volts. Out of darkness we draw the Creator into our unity. We have to value the dark states because they unite us, and by that I ignite light in my dark soul.

When we overcome egoism’s resistance in the full measure and attain unity in a ten, the Creator becomes revealed between us. The opposition of the light and darkness, fragmentation and unity, reaches the extreme when contact between ego and holiness is sufficient for darkness to shine as light. We are on the path of light.

The declaration on fighting #antisemitism was unanimously passed by the EU member states. But the declaration can’t change the negative attitude that the nations of the worlds have toward the Jews. The reason is that only Jews can reveal for themselves, and then for the world—the program of the world’s development—and the world will calm down!
From Twitter, 12/9/20

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