Punishment Or Correction?

580.01Question: From your point of view for what offense should a person be subjected to the death penalty?

Answer: For the premeditated murder of an innocent person. This is what the Torah says, and I agree with that. Such misconduct is of course a big problem.

Question: And if the killer repented?

Answer: There are a lot of all sorts of “buts” here that relate to the clarification of connections between souls, and therefore I cannot talk about it.

Question: In the future might there be such professionals who, depending on their properties, will be able to choose a punishment for them?

Answer: There is no punishment at all in nature. There is a fix. The legal system, labor camps, and prisons are all called the correctional system. This is not a punishment system, but a correction system. Therefore, we must reform it so that it is exactly like that.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 5/14/20

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