Coronavirus And The Jews

002Question: The pandemic caused a new violent outburst of anti-Semitism. There is more and more dislike of the Jews. Something like a new protocol of the elders of Zion is being released, which is purported to state that Jews allegedly are seeking to conquer the world and have resorted to using the coronavirus to prepare a market for the sale of a vaccine in order to reap colossal profits.

Is this always inevitable in times of crisis?

Answer: This will be until the final correction. If we do not bring the correction to the world, the world turns to us and demands this correction, but in their own words.

We must understand that if we do not actively correct our world, that is, the connection between all the people, we by ourselves cause the negative attitude of the world to us, and naturally, we will be in trouble.

Question: Is it us who should become pioneers of unity to begin this unification?

Answer: Of course. No one can do it besides us. This is our work, this is our mission, this is what we must do. If we do not do that, we are offered other “work.”

Question: Were Jews brought in this world solely for this work? Not for progress, not for Nobel Laureates, not for discoveries?

Answer: No! These are all by products that nobody needs. They just annoy people. Everything that was invented in the world was done by the Jews, and this did not do anything good for the world.

In order for the world to unite and be one, a group of people was selected from this world little by little from all its places and corners. These people must absolutely clearly participate in the connection of all humanity. There is no escaping this!

Question: Will it always so, at any time?

Answer: Not always. I hope that this will end soon. That is, either toward happiness by the stick or, conversely, with honor and respect.

There is hope. Even greater than before. Then everything will calm down.

Question: Will the enemies and the worst haters become friends?

Answer: Absolutely! They will understand the reason for their hatred. They will say, “We were right to hate you! It was because you did not do your work, your function, your purpose. Now, of course, we love you!”

Question: Do you think that these who are shaking with hatred for Jews will become their closest friends?

Answer: Of course! This will happen. All the haters really will become loving, close ones, helpers, friends, and associates in bringing humanity to unification.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/13/20

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