Team Building Guide, Part 11

laitman_544Are financial relationships acceptable in a team?

Question: It is not recommended to have financial relationships, to borrow money, or receive services within the team. We are all in the process of building warm connections. Can financial relationships bring unwanted conflicts? How critical is this?

Answer: One hundred percent, this should not be happening.

This should be suppressed by friendship. I mean, you can bring me a birthday present, say, a bottle of whiskey, and I will bring you something as a gift. However, there cannot be purely financial relationships and dependencies. They have no place in the team.

These are the conditions on the basis of which the group appears. If there are such excesses, they must be stopped immediately. Such people should be immediately removed from the group.

Question: Even so? That is, if suddenly two people came into financial contact, someone gave someone a job?

Answer: This is no longer a group, there are no friendly relationships between them.

Question: If I am the boss and he is my subordinate, can we no longer be in the same group?

Answer: No.

Question: Can we provide services to one another?

Answer: Also, on rare occasions. Depends on what services.

Comment: For example, someone is an installer and someone is a dentist. They help each other, give some discounts for their services. After all, today there is no trust in anyone. If you call some installer, go figure what he will do. And in this way, I already have a friend.

My Response: I do not know. All this is not simple. At least at the early stages, it is better to get help from other groups. Do not confuse our internal relationships with some external, opportunistic ones.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/18/20

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