Why Sacrifice Yourself?

laitman_592.04Question: We can find many examples in the world today of people sacrificing themselves to save others. Doctors are saving patients by working around the clock, sometimes without any protection. Many celebrities are declaring to the whole world that they are ready to sacrifice themselves and their capital.

You also say that we need to change and sacrifice our egoism. Is this freewill?

Answer: No, it’s a little different. Although I welcome such motives, this is not the corrected state of humanity.

The point is that humanity needs to correct its attitude toward each other, its attitude to egoism and altruism, not in a limited capacity like in caring for the sick or something else.

There are people who, out of their selfishness, are ready to kill others so that they do not destroy, for example, green spaces or pollute the environment. We see these movements for green ecology and clean air are absolutely selfish. And so much so that people with ardent egoism are ready to harm the life of another person who, unlike them, has a different understanding of what is good.

Question: Do you think that helping in extreme situations such as a pandemic or economic crisis is natural and that this is not called correction?

Answer: Yes. We just need to realize how much our nature pushes us against each other and to correctly characterize human actions.

If it is difficult for me to look at a sick patient so I give money for his treatment, then in the end, I do not cure him but only alleviate my sorrow for him.

In Kabbalah, we are talking about a fundamental correction of our nature.

Question: That is, I should do good things not because I empathize with the sick, but beyond that. Even if I have nothing to do with them, I still have to do it for some higher purpose?

Answer: That’s exactly the reason.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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