Disconnection Of Communities, Part 2

400Return Issue

Question: Why, even in our time, do religious Jews who live, say, in America, not move to Israel? What is the reason?

Answer: There are two reasons. The first reason is that American Jews have no religious incentive to live here. It is enough for them to come here once a year. Moreover, today it is not a problem at all. Basically, they come here three times a year for three major holidays.

The second reason is that it is said that the Jews will return to the holy land together with the Messiah (with the deliverer), but he is not there. So, if he is not there, then where should I go? I’m not going to break the basic commandment to return.

That is, returning when you are ready and going is an anti-religious, Zionist movement. And in the religious sense, the Jews will arrive and populate the Land of Israel together with the Messiah.

Comment: Nevertheless, there are many religious Jews living here.

My Response: Different religious trends interpret the question of return in different ways.

Question: What is the reason that many religious and non-religious movements, including the peoples of the world, believe that the place of the Jews is in the Land of Israel?

Answer: It should be so. Basically, the people should return to their land. This is what the Torah says, all the prophets say so back in the days when we were expelled from our homes. After all, the Babylonian exile took place at the time of the prophets who brought us back from Babylon to this land in the period between the First and Second Temples.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 8/12/19

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