Independence Day: How To Be Independent

Laitman_931-01There are many forms of independence in our world—economic, political, social and so forth—but this is fictitious independence. A person searches for his independence all his life, but actually is limited in every sense, which is the reason that we need a different approach for becoming independent.

The Israeli nation can only be independent within the state of Israel because geographically it is our land. If we connect and unite in our land when we are allowed to do so by the upper Providence, then, of course, we can be truly independent here and now—truly independent and not fictitiously.

In this land, we must set an example of true independence for the entire world because there is nothing more sublime than this attribute that determines everything. This is what all of nature on all its levels, aspires to! Even a person’s egoistic nature aspires to be free of any form of dependence because otherwise it feels that it is flawed.

This is the reason that we must find a way in which we feel independent for the sake of our ego. It turns out that this can only be attained by balancing the most egoistic state with the most altruistic one so they will eventually connect.

I have read that we need to live in the land of Israel, to develop this state, to fight for it and thus protect our independence. I thought that there was no other way of breaking free of a foreign domination. However, the more I developed, I came to the conclusion that this is not the way to become independent. Independence is acquired by actually ascending above the small local concepts of Zionism, politics, and all the rest. Our goal and our mission are universal. It is above time and doesn’t relate to us personally but to the entire world. We need to translate it to reality. Then, the world really will become independent by uniting with the upper force and reaching the next level of existence, the human level.

Everything depends on us. We must discover our independence above all the obstacles and ascend above them. Then, the world will receive what it is waiting for. Independence is the defining force that pulls and leads us. This is what we feel as a necessity both in egoism and altruism, and it is attained only in the Creator.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Independence Day” 4/2/15

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