Providing Spiritual Nourishment To Humanity

laitman_546_01In the News ( “Up until about a century ago, 85 – 90% of the population was involved in agriculture and feeding everyone. Today only 5% of the population is involved with agriculture; and they feed the entire world.

“The next stage is industrial. Automation of production and the use of new technologies has made thousands of jobs superfluous. Today a multitude of people are working at jobs that are maintained, or even created, specifically to pay salaries to people. Everything is done so that there won’t be unemployment which would lead to disturbances in the streets.

“Mobilizing resources for maintaining these useless jobs, requires nations to have all kinds of debt programs, selling natural resources and the like. The principle of payment in exchange for work has stopped working. For this reason Capitalism has stopped working and will be replaced by a planned economy of distribution which doesn’t require a constant accumulation of needs.

“When superfluous products disappear from the market, products that are produced only to increase sales, and the technology of planned obsolescence is removed from vital products, 10% of the population will be enough for industrial production.

“An answer to the question of what to do with all the rest of the people, depends on the ideological bias of whoever answers. The answer of the fascists: Annihilate the superfluous. The answer of the Liberals: Turn the superfluous into chips (like a computer chip into which information is inserted), prevent access to education, force on them ideas about “living for myself” so they will gradually die. The answer of the Communists: It is not necessary to annihilate or isolate through a special culture.

“It is found that if the chosen elite of the population will pay itself by itself through a selection of the new elites, then it will wither away and withdraw from the general population. This is the law of regression and degeneration of the elite which shapes itself. But if they select the elite and don’t pay them, then things will be even worse.

“The picture of a post-scientific world must unite within it knowledge about the world, the general rules of behavior and understanding. In the modern era, as a substitute for religion, ideologies developed. Something new must come now as a substitute for ideologies. Society should have a general picture of the world. The main task is not the beneficial exploitation of people who are not needed, but to find a new idea. Those people who provide an idea like this to the world will have tremendous authority.”

My Comment: And I say that there are a people like this (the people of Israel). It has an idea (the wisdom of Kabbalah), which is taken from nature and so it is the only right idea. The people lost this idea and therefore it is said that they “went into exile,” an exile from the idea. It must discover the idea for itself and for the whole world after that. Everything is going towards this. But the discovery of this idea, its adaptation, and its absorption can be long and agonizing. On the other hand, it can be short and easy (the way of Light). This depends only on us, the experts in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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