Team Building Guide, Part 5

laitman_530Principles of Forming a Team: Unification

Question: The fourth rule is the unification of the team. We are talking about creating any team no matter in what sphere of human activity.

The best way to interact with a friend is by example. You need to constantly encourage any actions aimed at bringing the team together. Here it is important to deliberately show your intentions and actions and not be modest. A person must show the other their respect, effort to listen, and understand because this is how they set an example to others.

How important is it to show that I am making an effort to listen to the other person?

Answer: It is extremely important to show interest and deliberately demonstrate it. This is the responsibility of all members of the group, not just the person on duty.

Question: Even if it is hard for me to listen to someone?

Answer: On the contrary, you listen to him, raise your hand, ask a question, and thus inspire the entire group with it.

Question: What will give me strength and motivation?

Answer: The fact that you have to do it. You were given the authority.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/18/20

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