Opposition To Unity, Part 9

laitman_933Being Chosen Is Determined by Life

Question: Different movements within the Jewish people have a different perception of the term “God’s chosen people.” Some of them believe that the fulfillment of religious precepts is enough, and thereby, they bring joy to the Creator.

Others claim that Jews gave the world economics, morality, science, and art, and in this we are chosen. That is, the Creator gave us brains, and by this we benefit the whole world.

Still others are trying to abolish this concept of the chosen people in every possible way claiming: “We are like everyone else. There is no such thing as a chosen people.”

And Kabbalists argue that God’s chosen people are to teach everyone the correct unity.

How can a person understand what it means to be a chosen people?

Answer: I think that there is no need to think too much about it. Being chosen is determined by our life from generation to generation.

Although humanity is advancing, developing, becoming more reasonable, and understanding that there is nothing of the chosen people in us, we implicitly feel that we are separate from all of humanity, that we are chosen. For better or for worse, it does not matter, but we are. Nothing can be done about it.

Our peculiarity is that we have to bring to the world a great ethical, cosmic, spiritual meaning: why we exist and what we must achieve.

But in order to accomplish this task we ourselves need to attain, to reveal, the meaning of the existence of all humanity and of the Jewish people within humanity: what purpose we must achieve, what role to play, how to spread this knowledge, and how to bring humanity with us.

In principle, this is exactly what humanity expects of us. Let us hope that we ourselves will become aware of this and will be able to explain this to others.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/29/19

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