Opposition To Unity, Part 8

laitman_557The Unity of Different Forces

Question: The twelve tribes of the people of Israel were forbidden to mix between each other. On one hand, they were supposed to be united, and on the other, they had to fulfill the ban on marriages between members of different tribes and other prohibitions that are logically against basic unity.

You explained that each tribe, just like a certain organ in the body of an organism, could not mix with the others, but they all worked in unison.

Are the internal laws of the Torah the same as the laws of nature only at the level of society?

Answer: Of course. In general, in all of nature, at all its levels, there are different forces, and they do not become one, but in their connection, they appear as a single whole.

The operation of the entire world system called Adam (Man) was established in order to bring the system to a state similar to the Creator. Then there will be absolutely no difference between the internal connection of forces.

Moreover, within the system, its individual properties, individual forces will be completely different from each other, and their interconnection will be one and only.

It turns out that everything depends on the intention: What is the purpose we are doing this? But the properties themselves do not change; they are always opposite to each other.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/29/19

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