Opposition To Unity, Part 6

laitman_622.01If There is no Rapprochement from Heart to Heart

Question: When there is a strong society in which values ​​such as mutual guarantee, solidarity, and unity are at the head of all priorities, then there are no problems with assimilation and mixed marriages. And when all this falls, then it is necessary to keep people at least in an external framework in order to preserve them as a nation?

Answer: When you fall into egoism and cease to feel the upper world, the highest connections between all, then you need earthly connections.

Question: Has this solidarity turned Jews into a nation?

Answer: The community created by Abraham rested on the bonds “love your neighbor as yourself.” No external framework was needed because people felt connected with each other anyway.

Question: It turns out that then there were no commandments?

Answer: Love your neighbor as yourself—this is the commandment, and the only one. Therefore, it is called the main commandment of the Torah. Nothing else is needed.

Question: But when solidarity began to disappear, then the commandments appeared that are fulfilled at the physical level within the external framework?

Answer: Yes. Do not go there, do not do this, do not harm others, etc. That is, the laws of commutation between people appeared because they could no longer approach each other from heart to heart.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/29/19

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