Once Again About The Meaning Of Life

Laitman_511.01Question: Many people believe that the value and meaning of life are in family and they do not need any Creator. Life is very difficult now. Therefore, will the one who overcomes all the problems in the family be the one who reaches the meaning of life?

Answer: I cannot agree with that. How can the meaning of life be in something that ends? It means that the meaning ends too.

Of course, family is important. It is important to fulfill yourself in the fact that you have a home and children. However, these are the necessary conditions for further growth from them and not only to remain in your cocoon, in your nest. What is the point in that?! To wait until you are carried feet first out of there?! I believe that this is not the answer to the question of the meaning of life.

Question: Why can’t the meaning of life be in life itself? After all, we see from nature that this is how all communities are organized: birds, fish, and ants. How do people differ? Why should we suffer more than animals?

Answer: If the meaning of life for me exists only at the level of birds and fish, and I am the same animal as they are, then there is nothing else. Then I live this life as long as I live, and that is where everything ends.

However, if this does not satisfy me and a question arises in me about the true meaning of life, then I must look for an answer to it. For this, I need a method that reveals this meaning. And it is in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Or people turn to religion, engage in all sorts of calming techniques. But that is their business. It all comes down to luck.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 5/17/20

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