Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 4/12/20

Laitman_630.2Question: Humanity does not know the concept and the instrument called intention. Can the wisdom of Kabbalah help us begin to operate mutually and correctly by using our intentions, even with those who do not have the point in the heart?

Answer: Every individual has an intention. A person’s attitude when he cooperates with others is actually determined by his intentions. This is a crucial component in our mutual relations. But we need to learn how to build and how to use our intentions, because our compatibility with the general, integral, global nature actually depends on them.

Question: What should we expect, as to whether humanity will change as a result of the coronavirus?

Answer: Don’t worry about that. It is already starting to change and it will change even more. If it doesn’t, there will be another virus and then another. Nature will hit us until we change.

Question: We always give love to others, but it is sometimes painful. How can we balance our relations with those we don’t get along with, with those who cause us pain?

Answer: If you are in the right society where people understand each other, you need to lower yourself and to do everything so that others will want to be in good relations with you.

Comment: We see what is going on in the world today as the coronavirus is spreading, but people still engage in “games” such as marketing, commerce, and banking.

My Response: I think that if not this virus, then the next virus will wipe out all this, and so all the games of money will no longer exist. I am confident that this will happen. We will undergo such shocks in the near future, that this whole system of games, shares, coupons and so on will simply shrink, and will belong to the past.

Question: How does our beastly fear change to the fear of the Creator?

Answer: It is only when you know that everything that the Creator demands is good. Then the beastly fear gradually changes to spiritual fear.

Question: Which professions will be most in demand in the future society?

Answer: In the future society the profession that will be most in demand is educator, a person who educates others to mutually cooperate with each other. This is what we teach.

Question: The pressure and the tension as a result of the confinement are already felt. People have grown tired and are beginning to engage in causing harm and destruction. Why is that?

Answer: People’s nerves are growing weak, and there is nothing with which they can fill themselves.

They don’t want to engage in developing themselves and in understanding nature correctly and the right connections between them. This is the reason there is unrest and violations of the social order. A lot can happen when you lock people up in one place.

Question: Can the ten be family members?

Answer: Preferably not.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/12/20

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