A Black Hole Allows One To Live Several Lives

laitman_424.02Comment: Scientists have discovered a black hole that allows a person to live several lives.

My Response: Several black lives.

Comment: Such a black hole will not crush a person with gravity and the living creature will only be beyond time. All the past will be forgotten and ahead of him are multiple options of the events that develop in the future.

If a person could visit such hole and successfully leave it, he could live countless lives, each time starting all over again.

My Response: We are already starting all over again.

Comment: The only restriction is that the person cannot leave the black hole.

My Response: It is impossible to get out from a black hole because everything in general is one black hole. And we are in the black hole now also.

Question: What is a black hole from the point of view of Kabbalah?

Answer: It is our egoism. We are inside of it, inside of the black hole. There is no way out of it. Only if we correct this black hole to a white one, to the light one.

Comment: This is what scientists say: It is possible to get out of a black hole, only if there is a white hole that will let him pass though.

My Response: A black one will turn into white by itself. And for this, we need to attract forces that will change it to white.

The black hole devours all the time, you can’t get out of it. And the white will emanate all the time.

Question: What does it mean to live several lives? A person will enter a black hole, will exit?

Answer: Not to enter and not to exit! We don’t have to do anything! We just need to change ourselves and the environment we are in from black to white, change everything to the quality of bestowal instead of the quality of reception.

Question: And then he will forget the past and will see only the present?

Answer: He will have everything past, present and future in one whole. Time will disappear. He will not have such a concept of “past, present and future.” No! There is just one “is” and that is it. Nothing else.

And there is even no today, tomorrow, and after tomorrow. Because nothing changes. Time is in us, it is the changes we undergo.

Question: Meaning that the changes will be so fast that it will seem like everything is one moment?

Answer: They will seem an eternity to us.

Question: Why?

Answer: Because he will not have either “today” or “tomorrow.” This is not going to be!

Question: What does it mean “not going to?”

Answer: A person is a sensation. The sensation of myself yesterday, today, tomorrow. There will be no such sensations. Instead of that, one will sense eternity, perfection in which nothing changes.

We cannot talk about whether there is life, that there is something before, during, or after life. There is none of this. That’s it! We are in a white hole.

Question: A person now lives his normal life. He has many experiences, problems, joys, and sorrows. This creates a certain palette, a taste of life. What will be the taste of life when one will reveal this absolute state?

Answer: It is the Garden of Eden, paradise. What does the Garden of Eden mean if I don’t feel anything good or bad? I feel good in comparison with bad, bad in comparison with good.

And if nothing will change and everything would be only good? Maybe I will stop feeling? That is why we can’t talk about these states. It is a hole! Only the white one.

Question: So, is it worth it for humanity to get there?

Answer: Whether it is worth it or not is not up to us. We are already in it.

Question: And where should we get out of it?

Answer: You won’t go anywhere. We are just in it. The whole universe, the entire creation is in it. We have to stop and grasp where we are. It will come, do not worry.

Question: For whom is this desirable state?

Answer: For those who want to know the truth.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 12/24/19

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