A Fight We Are All In

laitman_220Question: In the fight against the coronavirus, it is clear that we have already received a global brain: information and experience diverge across all countries.

How can we reach a global heart? How do we feel others? And what feelings are you talking about? Don’t doctors who save lives by working 16 hours a day do it out of feelings? After all, many people have a choice not to work.

Answer: I don’t think doctors have a choice to work or not. I don’t think they themselves decide to stay at home. In principle, their profession and circumstances do not exclude self-sacrifice.

But the fact is that the time has come to understand that we are connected to each other and each country cannot take care only of itself separately because the virus practically has no borders.

How it is transmitted and how it arises, we still do not know at all. Therefore, absolutely everyone takes part in the fight against it. So far, this is the best achievement that the pandemic has brought us.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/30/20

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