21st Century Woman, Part 2

Laitman_503.02What is the difference between male and female leadership styles and how do you combine them? If the leader, whether male or female, does not know about the purpose and program of creation and how to lead to what nature requires of us, nothing good will happen. First of all, integral education is necessary, and as a result of it, women will take over more important positions in society.

This is the call of time. Before the beginning of the last period, when humanity had not yet entered the stage of final correction through connection and studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, the organization of tens, society was ruled by men. But as soon as we begin to spread the method of integral education and begin to work in tens to restore one common great soul of Adam HaRishon, women come forward.

Men will be more involved in the organization of tens and internal structures of society, and women will take on more external leadership. Therefore, I keep saying that dissemination is mostly women’s work.

The same woman who has always remained in the shadows, suddenly has to go to the forefront and engage in the reconstruction of society. And it is interesting that men agree to this. Nature lets a woman go first, and no one protests. This is a miracle that has never happened in history. And this process has been going on for the last hundred years.

A woman has always had a tendency for leadership, but before that it was on a small scale and did not go beyond the house. A man is not able to manage the house, he never knows where anything is. His way of thinking is not adapted to this kind of work, and the woman has always run the house.

But over time, there was a change. And this is a consequence of the internal organization of the soul, which is gradually approaching correction. As a result, the light passed from above through the Sefirot Keter, Hochma, etc. to Malchut, and began to reach the woman more and more. Therefore, women felt that they are more aware of the changes taking place in the world and are ready to express their opinions on important issues.

This is no longer limited to knowing where the salt and pepper is in the kitchen. A woman is ready to give advice to men: to her husband, to the government, and to Congress, offering a solution. This is no longer about how to make soup, but how to brew politics. And all because the time has come when the upper light is closer to Malchut and gave her illumination.

So the woman feels able to work with it. She is able to restore order in the world better than a man, as she belongs to the last Sefira, and by raising the reforming light, she connects all the Sefirot before her. Therefore, she is able to control them all.

The man remains in his certain role, and the woman gains the power to control everyone, as she does with children in kindergarten. She handles all the chores.

Not everyone can be like Margaret Thatcher or Golda Meir, but nevertheless, any woman has special abilities in management. I think that in our time it is necessary to replace men in parliaments with women. We know that in any place where a woman works, there will be order. The world does not need a man’s explosive power, but a woman’s moderate, balanced leadership, free from all the petty calculations that sometimes characterize women.

A woman who can do everything well, weigh everything correctly, and perceive her country as her home, important and dear to her, is able to reconcile all conflicting currents and parties and balance everything. Only a woman can do that.
From KabTV’s “Women in the New World” 6/30/20

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