Why Do Fears Overwhelm Us?

Laitman_002Question: How can we use the sense of fear in a productive way?

Answer: Kabbalah explains that the main concern of a person should be to put himself against the Creator, because everything that happens to us, in us, and around us comes from the Creator.

If I try to feel that I am in connection with the Creator all the time, and not in a direct two-way connection I—to Him and He—to me, but in the feeling that He acts on me and everything that comes to me every moment in feelings, in the mind, in thoughts, and in memory, comes from Him, then I will position myself more or less correctly.

The question arises: if I am in a state where I am all in the Creator, is there any place for fear, anxiety, and expectation of something bad?

Therefore, the problem is not that I am in fear, but that the Creator is concealed from me. If the Creator were open to me, I would feel that I am in Him—in good, eternal, perfect, unique, governing, organizing, and defining the whole world. If I felt like that, then I would have no fears, no worries, and no doubts.

Therefore, the whole problem lies in the concealment of the Creator, which is the cause of all our troubles, and vice versa, His disclosure is the source of all our joys.

Question: Why did the Creator create such motivation as fear?

Answer: In order for us to draw Him to ourselves all the time, to try to reveal Him.

Question: How do we interact with fear of the Creator?

Answer: We turn to Him and work with Him in order to remove this fear. If the Creator manifests Himself, then fear disappears. Even if we simply come closer to Him, and remember that everything is from Him, then fear already disappears.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 4/26/20

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