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laitman_284.02Question: What is the fear of change in life?

Answer: The fear of change in life is a small egoistic “animal” that exists and is afraid to get out of its hole. Everything is good for him, or at least, everything is familiar. It is already tired of bad news. This is the fear of change.

And for a Kabbalist it is the opposite. When I close my eyes and say that everything comes from the Creator, I am not afraid of changes, whatever they are. I am connected with the Creator from whom everything comes, and all the negative changes are in my favor. By rising above them, I become in even stronger contact with Him. In this case, I love and cherish the changes that come to me.

Question: Does it turn out that I even want them?

Answer: Of course. How else can I, an egoist, still be connected to the Creator if not through negative influences? I never approach Him unless I have to run away from something negative.

Question: So, does the Kabbalist perceive all the changes, obstacles, and problems as a challenge from the Creator?

Answer: No. Knowing that this comes from Him, I have nothing to be afraid of, unless, of course, I commit unseemly acts. We only need to understand how and why we are allowed to act like this.

Since everything comes in advance from the Creator, what can be the problem if only one is constantly connected with Him? This is our salvation, our well-being, and our good life.

By being in connection with Him, one will always feel himself in a different world, in a different state, and in a fusion with the upper force. And therefore, everything that will happen before your eyes, ears, and other senses in this world, you will begin to feel like something secondary, like a picture over which you have to always be connected with Him.

After all, the greatest feelings one experiences are in connection with Him. And the picture of our world gradually becomes foggy and unreal, until it disappears altogether, and only the connection of man with the Creator remains. This is an eternal state.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/13/17

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