Violin With Ten Strings

laitman_942The more I include myself in the ten, depicting that the Creator is there, the more I tune my soul like a musical string relative to other strings. The group should set themselves up like a violin so that everyone is like one person with one heart. And then the Creator will be revealed in us.

The Creator dresses in the violin and plays it if it is correctly tuned relative to Him and all its strings are ready. We ourselves do not play this violin, the Creator plays the whole ten together.

The lights flow into our Kelim and flow out and give rise to many harmonics, that is, glow at all levels, because the Sefirot are divided into main, particular, and subordinate, smaller ones. We feel all this as a conversation between the Creator and us, in this form He is revealed in all our sensations arising as a result of the correct connection between friends.

Everyone in the ten must tune their string so that the Creator dresses in our violin. And it depends only on the relations between friends, how much they become more important to me, and I understand that without them I will not achieve anything.

If the friends suddenly disappear, then I will lose all connection with the spiritual. A complete disconnection will happen. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly strengthen the connection in the ten and take care of all the friends as the dearest thing in life.

There is nothing but this. For me, friends are even more important than the Creator, although He is the source and the purpose. But friends are more important because losing them, I will lose everything and already will not be able to find them. I cannot just go from one ten to another ten, it is only possible at the initial stage.

But in fact, this is such a connection that it is impossible to change. It is a huge tragedy when a person is kicked out of the ten or leaves the ten because of some kind of conflict, not having found understanding among his friends or having failed to understand them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/18/20, Writings of Rabash, “The Agenda of the Assembly – 2,”

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