Nations Of The World And A Point In The Heart

laitman_944Question: Is there a proportional dependence of our qualitative unification and the opening of a point in the heart in some of the nations of the world?

Answer: I would not say that there is such a division of the nations of the world when first one nation reveals a point in the heart, then the second, and then the third one. I can see this even in our groups.

Today in virtual communication with us there are Germany, Bulgaria, Israel, Vienna, Yoshkar-Ola, Petersburg, Almaty, Azerbaijan, Holland, Czechoslovakia, Moscow, many friends from Africa, North and South America, etc. I do not think it depends on skin color or nationality.

And even people who have already revealed Kabbalah and study with us generally perceive it in the same way. Therefore, it cannot be said that “points in the heart” will first arise in one nation, then in the second, and then in the third one. This happens in waves depending on the development of people. The Creator’s light affects them and highlights one or another person.

If you take a large mechanism, then all its points are connected. For example, all parts of a human body constantly interact, although they are not located next to each other and there seems to be no special connection between them. But feedback exists anyway, and each organ is activated through the inclusion of other organs. After all, this is an integrated circuit, parts of which are completely dependent on each other. Therefore, I do not support any conspiracy theories that say, this nation will reveal the Creator more quickly, and that one more slowly, especially in our time.

A long time ago in Ancient Babylon, there lived all nations of the world, each of which numbered several dozen people. Then from all the Babylonians a united group emerged, which began to strive for the Creator. It exists to this day, although many have dropped from it.

Several hundred people have remained from that group—those who today feel a craving for revelation of the Creator, and the rest turned into ordinary earthlings. And today the reverse process is taking place.

In the Torah it is written that the time of Messiah will come, of the last generation, when all the Babylonians will gradually awaken again in order to move to the Creator. This is what we are observing.

Just as the movement toward the Creator once appeared in a group of Babylonians, so it is happening today. Therefore, everyone will rush to Him, no matter who and how. In no case should we think that now it will be Finland, then Poland, and then Czechoslovakia, Germany, or Azerbaijan. Whatever will be, will be.

I am very glad that people are beginning to feel that the science of Kabbalah is talking about the soul, about their spiritual development. I hope that their studies of Kabbalah will promote the development of both their states and their nations.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/22/20

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