Man In An Interconnected World, Part 3

laitman_929Humanity Is a Single Organism

Question: We live in an interconnected world, and this connection manifests itself at all levels. Everyone knows such phenomena as the butterfly effect, the domino effect, collective intelligence, the wisdom of the crowd, etc.

There is even a discipline called “crowdsourcing,” using the wisdom of the crowd to solve all sorts of problems. It defines that interconnection as a state of mutual responsibility, dependence on each other of someone or something, a relationship in which neither party can do without the other.

In Kabbalah, this law of mutual guarantee was described 3,000 years ago. What is this law?

Answer: Mutual guarantee (Arvut) is when we all represent one unified integrated system.

We are not talking yet about all the people of the earth, but, in principle, nature moves us to realize that we are fully integrally interconnected. Therefore, we must change in our attitude to each other, in our attention and mutual assistance, so that we are an absolutely united single organism. A body!

This means that just as I take care of my body and instinctively wish for the best for it, I must take the same part in nature and strive for everyone to reach the same level.
From KabTV’s “The Post-Coronavirus Era” 4/16/20

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