Kabbalistic Terms: “World Of Infinity,” Light,” “Sefira”

laitman_251By the world of infinity, we mean a state where the creatures, when they perceive it, see in it absolute infinity. We always talk with respect to the creatures. In the world of infinity, it is not limited in anything and feels its limitless possibilities.

Comment: The concept of “light” is also often used in Kabbalah.

My Reply: Light is what enlightens us, serves us, cares for us. Everything positive that is done in any of our states, ending with the very last, is carried out by the light.

The light is the force of bestowal and love of the Creator.

Question: And everything bad it is not the light?

Answer: Everything bad is the reverse side of the light, its disappearance, its distancing.

Question: That is, distancing from the property of bestowal and love, from the Creator, is called darkness, and nearing it is called light?

Answer: Yes. The light is the force that brings us closer.

Question: There is also the term :Sefira: In Kabbalah. What is that?

Answer: The “Sefira” from the word “sapphire,” “glowing,” is a desire that is similar to the Creator, i.e., to the property of bestowal, and therefore, it can accumulate light in itself and begins to glow.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 6/17/19

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