Everything Is Absolutely Fair

laitman_571.01Question: There is a rule in spirituality: the worse, the better. Is it true that the more difficult the starting conditions, the better the spiritual advancement?

Answer: I wouldn’t say that. It only seems that way to people because they can’t measure what is better or worse. Envy always depicts the grass as being greener on the other side. There is no need to pay attention to it. This is absolutely not the case.

When you correct yourself and begin to view everything correctly, you will not have any complaints about the Creator. “Why does he do this, but I have that? Why does this person have it easier and I have it harder? Why wasn’t I born 2,000 years ago, but exactly during the last generation?” You will see that everything is arranged absolutely right.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/8/20

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