Balancing Relations With The Light

laitman_939.02Balancing our relations with the Light means that we have to constantly relate to it the same way it relates to us. The attributes of the light are bestowal, love, and mutual connection.

So, we have to feel how we can constantly create balance with it. If we want to advance correctly in the Creator’s world, this has to be our mission.

We can gradually get closer to keeping this condition only if we are in a group. Then we will begin to create and acquire the right attitude to the light in the connection between us and understand which attributes there should be between us and what the mutual connection between these attributes is.

We need to learn how the mutual relations in different parameters, different attributes, yearnings, and desires will complement one another and will eventually all resemble the light that shines on us all the time.

The light of each ten, each Kabbalistic group, shines differently, because each one is seemingly a small part of the one big body of Adam, the one general soul.

So, when we are together in a small group, we can begin to resemble the light as a result of the relations between us. Mutual cooperation will determine our attitude to the light.

Then we will begin to feel the light and to cooperate with it in mutuality, and our relations with it will be the most important thing for us, whereas all the other things in our world will be totally unimportant to us.

We still seemingly detach ourselves from our world and use it only in order to exist, while everything else, including our energy, our study, and our feelings will be dedicated only to the connection between us, to resembling the upper light more and more each time. Then the upper light will fill us, warm us, and give us a feeling of eternity and wholeness.

We will begin to feel how the Creator, the light, is revealed in us, and then we will feel that we are in the upper world while living in our world.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/18/19

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