Anyone Can Become A Jew

36Remark: One of the reasons for anti-Semitism is cosmopolitanism and globalism, which is supported by Jews.

My Comment: This is in Jewish nature because the very approach of Jews to the world has always been integral. The world is an integrated system that is interconnected at all levels. It comes from their spiritual root.

Remark: There is another interesting statement that anti-Semitism is like a virus in humanity, like a cloud of hatred that overshadowed the consciousness of people.

My Comment: As soon as the Babylonian state was organized in which people began to unite and selfishness began to manifest between them, the technique for correcting it immediately appeared. Everything went from there.

The unification technique is called Kabbalah. A group that agrees to connect is called Jews from the word “Yichud” (union). All the others who are against this are the nations of the world.

Remark: You often claim that this has nothing to do with nationality.

My Comment: Indeed, there is no such nationality as Jews. According to Rambam, Abraham gathered his group from all over Babylon.

Question: Suppose, if someone now joins the methodology of unity, will he become a Jew?

Answer: Yes, anyone. People of different nationalities who joined this group throughout history, as a rule, became very great Jews. For example, Rabbi Akiva, Onkelos, and many others. Even the grandmother of King David was a Moabite.
From KabTV’s “Systematic Analysis of the Development of the People of Israel” 7/22/19

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