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laitman_294.4Question: Suppose I lent somebody 1,000 dollars and they gave me back an envelope with one dollar in it. How should I behave in this world?

Answer: In this world, you cannot behave in a spiritual way if you are surrounded by ordinary, nonspiritual people. In the corporeal world, you need to go by faith within the reason. You can advance by faith above reason only in a group of like-minded Kabbalists.

Question: When does a Kabbalist reach the level where the entire world becomes, for him, a projection of the Creator?

Answer: This is his personal attainment. You cannot see that a Kabbalist acts differently from everyone else and has an unrealistic attitude to the world. There is nothing special or strange about him.

Question: Let us say that Baal HaSulam, while making a purchase in a store, gave the seller $1,000 and received change of not $500 but $1. How would he react to this?

Answer: He would have demanded the change because there are such laws in our world. At every degree in which I interact with reality, I must act in accordance with it.

Comment: But behind all the sellers, he felt a single force: the Creator.

My Response: It does not matter. Precisely in order to feel the Creator and be in the correct state with Him, he must demand the change because, at this level, this is the way the Creator establishes the laws. After all, the egoistic laws of our world are also established by the Creator.

Question: It turns out that even if a person’s soul is at a different level, in a different state, he still lives in the sensation of this world. As long as it exists, should one behave like all other people?

Answer: You will not feel anything different about him. Nothing at all! He likes to eat nice food, sleep, and go for a walk. You will not see anything spiritual in him at all.

Question: What is the difference?

Answer: This difference is not manifested in regard to you. He is in a different relationship with the Creator. The Creator reveals Himself to him, and he reveals himself to the Creator. At this degree, they are in connection with each other. In addition, he also wants all the other inhabitants of this planet to reach at least the same level as his.

Question: What if a Kabbalist, for example, travels. In addition to everything that he sees and hears, does he also feel the one who gives it to him: the Creator?

Answer: Of course. These are his personal sensations.

Question: Does he enjoy the journey itself, the food, and the beautiful scenery, and also the fact that he feels the source that gives him this pleasure?

Answer: He enjoys everything.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 4/1/19

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