Do Not Expect Miracles From A Kabbalist

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You have mentioned many times that people who have been studying Kabbalah for many years look just like everyone else and cannot be told apart. At the same time, people whose desires have been corrected change the reality around them and possess a completely different power of attraction. Are there any external signs that distinguish a Kabbalist?

Answer: I have met and spent some time with several students of Baal HaSulam. I was 35 years old, and they were 75. I felt like an infant in their arms. I never saw them do any miracles nor did I hear any special conversations. They all tried to be very regular people, and they actually were.

A Kabbalist does not spread any waves around him. A person who begins to listen to a Kabbalist, to understand him, to correctly adapt his words and thoughts, and to realize his suggestions within him begins to perceive himself and the world in a different way. This is not because there is a Kabbalist influencing him. Kabbalists do not influence other people. It is not permitted! This would kill another person’s freedom of will.

How do we teach a child? We constantly provide him with exercises and tell him how things are done, but he must do it on his own. Otherwise, he will not grow. This is why Kabbalists never change and can never change anything around them. There are no tricks. Nothing can change if man does not change.

I have many relatives, friends, and beloved students, and there is no way I can help them besides explaining it to them one more time, telling it in some other way. There is no other way. And when a person turns away from me, there is no way for me to turn him around. I also leave him. That is it. There is nothing I can do, even though it hurts.

Do not think that a Kabbalist is capable of something supernatural that a regular person cannot do. No, he cannot. Of course, he reveals this world to a greater extent as his desire becomes corrected, but he only reveals it for himself.

Over the course of history, there were many Kabbalists who were unable to teach. They attained spirituality, performed corrections in the upper world in the network of souls between us, and prepared this entire system to be closer to humanity, but not more than that. It’s the same way that we prepare the current world for our children and grandchildren, and no other way.

Do not look for tricks in Kabbalah. There are no miracles. This is an enormous, difficult job for each one of us to correct ourselves against our nature. This is what all of humanity must realize in our time.
From the 3rd lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/11/11

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  1. For what it is worth, there is a certain sensitivity as one recognizes another of a similar state, it is like meeting an old friend. This recognition, I specifically do not remember existing before, back when still capped in corporeal studies.

    That being said, there is no supernatural aspect that I have seen. But, such people are usually unusually kind, and do not play dominance games, except defensively, for themselves or someone else oppressed.

    Just opinions, take or discard.

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