Stop Harming Nature!

laitman_546.04Torah, Exodus 15:26: … all the sicknesses that I have visited upon Egypt I will not visit upon you, for I, the Lord, heal you.

Sanhedrin 101a: Our sages ask, “If I do not place the illness, what is the need for a healer?”

Rabash, Article 133, “It Is All Corrections”: We should interpret that since I am the healer, why should I place on you an illness if I must heal the illness? What do I gain by placing an illness? It must be as a punishment, and if I must heal the illness, what kind of punishment is it? It is as though I work for nothing.

For this reason, I will not place illness upon you, and what you think is illness, you are wrong about it. Rather, all the states you feel, if you attribute them to Me, are all corrections by which you will approach Me in Dvekut [adhesion].

Everything that happens in the world, even this virus is necessary for us in order to get to know this system. But we cannot work in it efficiently if we do not see its opposite and common actions.

Therefore, what seems to us to be diseases, all kinds of injuries, malfunctioning states, are only necessary in order to teach us to correctly understand the Creator. After all, everything should be built based on the knowledge of good and evil, plus and minus, or we will not understand what is happening to us and to the whole common system.

Today we are at the beginning of a very strong influence from above, the manifestation of our imbalance. There is huge nature and humanity as its highest degree. However, humanity with its unreasonable behavior takes this system out of balance and what is called coronavirus or something especially harmful appears, and we do not know how to deal with it.

In the modern world, we have never been so defeated from our pedestal of perfection, knowledge, strength, power, and influence, when in our arrogance, we considered ourselves the supreme force of nature. What can we do today? Hide in our corners like scared rabbits? What is happening to us?

Do not come close, do not sit together, meet at a distance of two meters, wash your hands thoroughly, do not blow your nose, and so on.

Can you see what nature is showing us? That you are insects! Try to throw off this pride, this arrogance, see what system you are in and what needs to be done to bring it back to normal. Stop breaking it! Why do you always hog the covers? What are you trying to achieve by that?

Nothing will happen to nature itself, but you will begin to feel that you are in a terrible, damaged system. You spoil it. In principle, nature recovers very quickly. But you will reach a state where it will spew you out.

Look what happened around Chernobyl after people delivered a terrible blow to nature there! And today, everything blooms there, animals appear that have not been around for hundreds of years. Why? Because the most harmful animal, man, disappeared and everything blossoms and smells. Therefore, we must stop harming nature.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 3/15/20

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