When Will The Prophet Elijah Come?

laitman_275We are now quarantined in our homes, where should we go after exiting this Egypt? First, we need to understand exactly why we are doing this and where we are going. The way out of Egypt is the way out of egoism into love between us. We are in Egypt under the rule of Pharaoh, our common egoism, which keeps us all in slavery and sets us up against each other. We want to come out of this unfounded hatred and turn face to face to one another with open hearts.

This should be revealed as mutual love, which is called the exodus from Egypt to the land of Israel, to the desire directed straight to the Creator, to the higher power of love.

Passover is a holiday of liberation from the angel of death, from our egoism. We imagine liberation as going back to the former pre-coronavirus life so that we can finally leave the house, go to a restaurant, and take a walk along the seashore or in the park. This is how we see freedom and free people.

The virus is showing us how we are not free and that we are immersed in our egoism. The coronavirus says: “Do not leave home! If you are locked within your egoism, you will be locked in your material life in the same way.” The virus shows us the true picture, our slavish dependence on the desire to fill ourselves, on Pharaoh. We meekly obey all the demands of our egoism and do not even realize it. Egoism dominates our thoughts and desires; this is called slavery.

“We were slaves in Egypt”—slaves of our selfishness, our desire to fill ourselves without thinking of others. But we are in the same integral system with all the people of this world, with all the inanimate, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, and people. And if my actions concern only my own personal desires, this means I work for Pharaoh. And to think about everyone else means to work correctly with respect to nature, the Creator. And then nothing, no viruses, can harm us.

During the Passover meal, it is a tradition to set a glass of wine for the guest of honor, the prophet Elijah. There was a joke this Passover that this time we did not invite the prophet Elijah so as not to infect him with the virus because he is in the at-risk group due to his age. So should we expect the prophet Elijah or not? Elijah comes to announce that the Messiah is coming. The Mashiach (Messiah in Hebrew) is the force that draws us out of our egoism, that is, from all misfortunes, and brings us to the state of universal bestowal and love, which is the Creator, and to the desire where we are all connected with one another and with the higher force of nature. It is a message that the prophet Elijah brings to us.

That is, we are not waiting for a person, but a special force that will lead us to love. Love means that I treat others as myself and even better. We have been waiting for the prophet Elijah for so many years, and he still has not come. But we have never waited for the true Elijah. Did we ever want to love someone? We expected that Elijah would bring us money, a new car, a new house, a private plane; everyone had their own interpretation. We were waiting for the wrong Elijah!

Elijah is the highest force that will bring us to such a strong unification, right up to love, that we will feel not only as one nation, but as one body and one desire and will feel the Creator within us, as it is said: “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.”

The Creator is the power of bestowal and love, not some kind of material image. This power of love must dwell within us, between us. This is what we call the revelation of the prophet Elijah, liberation, exit from Egypt, and the true end of correction. Then we will feel the whole nation as one big family. To do this, you do not need to leave your house. The force of Elijah, the power of unity, acts above of all walls and borders. We will suddenly feel this whole world as transparent, without any partitions between rooms, houses, and parts of the universe. Everything will be felt as one whole where everyone is in connection with others and each person includes everyone within oneself. After all, every person is a small world. This is how we will feel the whole reality and within it the Creator.

Therefore, in this Passover, our main effort is to concentrate on the power of love from the prophet Elijah so that it would clothe and connect us with the whole world in one mutual embrace, which will lead us to the real exodus from Egypt.
From KabTV’s “New Life – 1220” 4/2/20

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