More Than One, Do Not Gather!

laitman_293If now I feel that I have connection with the Creator, it will corrupt my work. I will be satisfied that I am connected to the Creator and am near Him, bestowing to Him, and feeling his reaction.

These connections will only weaken me and bring all sorts of egoistic calculations: I to the Creator, and the Creator to me. So maybe it is better not to see that but to yearn and long for Him? What is better for a person in order to be drawn to the Creator as much as possible?

We also see this in our world: If two lovers are separated by distance, they worry that they are far from each other and dream of meeting again when they will embrace and be together as one body. Then, when they actually meet, connect, and achieve what they desired, then all the romance disappears. The desire that burned in them when they were separated vanishes and all taste is lost.

If there is no hunger, no appetite for a meal, then you cannot enjoy it. First you need to accumulate the deficiency for the meal and be hungry, then this hunger will help you reveal the tastes in the meal.

Now during the coronavirus epidemic, the Creator wants to divide us by distances. He says, “Do not come closer than two meters to each other! More than two do not gather together!” Tomorrow it will be impossible to come close to one another at all until we feel how divided we really are. We should accumulate a need to connect, tire of sitting at home alone and dream about being with people, feeling them, and understanding them.

Then I will think: I wish the virus would disappear so that I could communicate with others and be with friends, not just to be together, but because within our connection, we can reveal the Creator, a higher degree of existence where we feel our life as eternal. Now I sit at home and I am afraid of death. I know that I will die anyway, if not from this coronavirus, then in another ten or twenty years. No one doubts this.

However, now I am as if slowly beginning to see: Is this virus appearing to give me eternal life so that I can live forever in a completely different form, without worrying about making money, air pollution, and all the other problems? This virus is directing me to ascend to another level.

I am at the degree of this world and the virus wants to take me to the next degree where life is eternal and perfect. It gives us the opportunity to penetrate through the connection between us into another essence of nature where we are not connected with physical bodies, this earth, the globe, or this universe. It is like we are slipping into a different dimension.

It turns out that I can use this critical state to achieve eternity and perfection and to rise above my nature.

My dream is not for the virus to simply evaporate as if it did not exist, but to reach a special, higher state through it, to rise above this matter to spiritual matter, from the feeling of this reality to a higher reality. There are many degrees, but the main thing is to go from the corporeal degree to the spiritual one.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/26/20, Lesson on the Topic “Building The Future Society”

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