Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/22/19

laitman_962.6Question: What does sight symbolize in the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: Sight in Kabbalah is the level of attainment when you clearly see your actions from the beginning to the end through all stages. This level is called Hochma (“Hok-Ma“) when you understand all the actions and all the metamorphoses of light in your desire, that is, everything it goes through and everything it does.

Question: What can I do when I feel the pain of the whole world? How can I help myself and others?

Answer: Just disseminate the condition of bestowal, which can attract the upper light upon our world and fill it a little. The world will then stop suffering.

Question: How can we determine that the group and its members are really a Kabbalistic group and not impostors?

Answer: You by yourself should make efforts to connect and then you will see the consequences in our world. To the extent that you connect, the world will be better, and if you disconnect, it will be worse.

Maybe the world will not feel it that way because it is not focused on this, but you will certainly see the results of your efforts. This is what we need to reach. This is practical Kabbalah.

Question: What can one do when constant yearning for the Creator fatigues you and it becomes dull?

Answer: You need to be clearly connected with the friends and then there will be no dullness. Communication with friends can always give a person new feelings, new opportunities.

Question: Is final correction when all of my thoughts are only about the Creator?

Answer: The final correction is when all of your thoughts will only be about bringing contentment solely to the Creator and only by doing good for others.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/22/19

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