Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 12/8/19

laitman_622.01Question: How is it possible to determine that I or the group have achieved something?

Answer: When a feeling of the Creator appears in you or in the group, you will be certain that this is a real attainment. Until then, do not believe anyone and work gradually and quietly on connection in the group.

Question: Does the name by which we call the Creator depend on our attainment?

Answer: Yes, it is precisely according to our attainment, our sensation, that we give a name to the Creator.

Question: When entering the ten there is a very strong feeling of overcoming and you want to think only about the ten and about connection for 24 hours, is this the accelerated process of person’s spiritual?

Answer: Yes. I am very happy that you correctly perceive the spiritual Kli in this way. If it continues this way, you will very quickly achieve the attainment of the Creator. Good luck!

Question: Will other people also attain the Creator after us?

Answer: Imagine that the world will not end after you. But it will not last forever. As long as parts of the general soul have not been corrected, we will continue to appear in this world, helping each other with our mutual correction.

Question: What is the Creator made of? How can we feel Him in our world?

Answer: The Creator is not made of anything. We perceive Him only as the source of energy, the source of light, and the source of goodness. It is solely and only this way.

Question: Is it something like a spiritual model, a template, a matrix, through which I receive a particular illumination?

Answer: Yes, you are absolutely right.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 12/8/19

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