The Only Request To The Creator

laitman_619Question: I follow you to all conventions. Sometimes this is the only force I have and only out of complete despair. I do everything you tell me, even if it makes me look funny. I do not know what to do next!

Answer: Ask the Creator. A person has nothing else. There is no one to appeal to, only to Him, He is the only one. Try to appeal to Him with only one request that you are begging for closeness with Him: “I know nothing more, I don’t want anything, and I don’t need anything! I only want to be close to You.”

Question: Why does the Creator constantly separate me and take away my strength to be with my group?

Answer: You have a very good, strong desire. However, it has not been formed correctly yet and therefore it throws you like that. I do not know what to advise you. In fact, just patience. Patience. Let the light, the Creator, work on you, one day, and another day.

I have been in this work for 44 years. Nothing but patience helped me. There is nowhere else to go.
From the World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/8/19, “Collecting All the States Toward the Creator,” Lesson 7

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