If We Turn To The Creator, We Can Achieve Anything!

laitman_235In the end, we need to understand what our desire to receive is, what it wants from us, and how to relate to it: to fight it or to use it as help against itself? Do we have any hope of resisting it?

If we want to reach such a connection like a blazing fire, then the fire ignites precisely because of the resistance of the egoistic desire faithfully doing its job. It was created precisely for this, to resist us. The ego’s action stops us. Even if we reach Arvut (mutual guarantee) between us, it is only to decide that we have no chance of leaving Egypt. No matter how much we try to unite, we are incapable of doing so and must despair of this work.

Each of us understands that we can succeed only with the help of the friend, and that is all. And with this common prayer, we draw the upper light and rise above our egoism. This is called the exodus from Egypt. There are several conditions, a few milestones along the way through which we must go.1

The spiritual Partzuf is built from the fact that we all support each other in order to reach the Creator. No one can come to the Creator with their own qualities, and even more so with Malchut, because the Creator is whole; therefore, we also need to build wholeness.

Do we have anything in common? The commonality is only the Creator, the common point of Keter. Each of us has our own qualities and we unite only above, in the Creator. Therefore, when we want to unite among ourselves, we despair of what is called “the sons of Israel sighed because of the work,” realizing that they cannot do this. We can connect only thanks to the common goal.

The connection should be like a blazing fire. But the main thing in the work is the disappointment, that is, the realization that it is impossible to connect. We strive to connect at any cost, but the correct result of the work is the realization that connection is impossible by any means. And then, the sons of Israel sighed from work. It is a completely hopeless case if we want to achieve this ourselves, but if we turn to the Creator, then we achieve everything.

The blazing fire is our common desire to bring contentment to the Creator. By the fact that we want to please each other, we give pleasure to the Creator. The Creator is the general law. If we want to turn to Him, we must first turn to the friends in the same way.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/7/20, The Power of Connection – A Burning Fire” (Preparation for the Convention in Desert)
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