Become A Spiritual Partzuf

Laitman_079.02If I want to achieve equivalence of form with the Light and bestow to others, then I become a spiritual Partzuf. After all, I restrict my desire to receive and connect to others who become my nine upper Sefirot. And I bestow to them through my desire to receive, my Malchut. And each in the ten does the same.

Then, through the mutual connection between us, we create a network, “a ten.” This ten is not built on the individual bestowal of each one to the others, but on mutual group bestowal. Through this, we acquire a new level of bestowal and a mutual Sefira appears for us, the Sefira of Keter (the Creator), as well as a mutual Malchut created by the Creator, through which we want to bestow to Him.

And then the ten becomes as one. This is a perfect spiritual Partzuf in which there is a soul—not in each of us individually, but in each connected to all others.

Each of us is like a cell in the body. But if we connect, then we turn into an organ, which can, from within itself, find out what the Creator’s attitude toward it is. By myself I am not capable of experiencing this, but only if I connect with others and build the system from our connections. And then, within this system, I can reveal the force of bestowal, the Creator. This becomes my Kli, my soul. The soul is an instrument for the revelation of the Creator.

I have nothing to give to the Creator. But, by giving to others, I offer the Creator a place to be revealed. In other words, we reveal Him by building Him in the connections between us.1
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/18, Talmud Eser Sefirot,
1 Minute 46:00

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