Check Yourself: Do You Feel The Greatness Of The Creator?

Laitman_193The Creator receives tremendous pleasure from the fact that the created being enjoys Him, becomes same as Him. And if we are in union with Him, then we must try to bring Him this pleasure.1

I must always check myself, my mood, do I feel the greatness of the Creator or not? If I am not filled with joy from the fact that I live in the world of the Creator who fills me and everything around me, that means that I am still lacking His greatness.2

There is no stronger, deeper, or more infinite pleasure then what comes from the revelation of the Creator. This fills the entire horizon, a person no longer sees anything else—everything is seen only against this background. And today we must try to be in this very state: the Creator is the constant background, lighting the entire reality, and we must connect all of reality to Him, and that is why we must see all of reality only as a means for the revelation of His greatness.

The greatness of the Creator distances us from us all problems, all disturbances, all barriers. All pleasures and fulfillments are also only from the greatness of the Creator. Any deficiency in any place is elicited by the deficiency of the greatness of the Creator and is corrected only by it until we fill all of reality with Him.

But I do not erase the problems because if they disappear, I lose the need for the greatness of the Creator. The egoistic desire will be pleased and I will not need anything else. But how can I awaken the darkness myself? As it is written: “Each man will help his neighbor”—between us we form new needs toward the greatness of the Creator. Therefore the shattering occurred so that through the connection between us, we can form the need for the revelation of the Creator.3
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”
1 Minute 1930
2 Minute 21:00
3 Minute 29:55

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