2020 World Kabbalah Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 2/21/20

Musa from Istanbul, Ingrid from Berlin, Vlad from Kiev, Helena from Spain—hundreds of people from around the world are coming to Israel in an ongoing stream gathering for the 2020 World Kabbalah Convention.

The world’s biggest annual Kabbalah event will take place at Ganey Hata’arucha, Tel Aviv Exhibition Grounds in 2020 on February 25-27.

Participants are coming together to discover the integral system that binds us all together, to feel, if only for a moment, the united soul called “Adam HaRishon.”

The World Kabbalah Convention magnifies the efforts and desires of Kabbalah students to draw the positive force dwelling in nature to the world, to awaken love among one another until a fire of unification sets off between us all “as one man with one heart.”

One clear conclusion that has emerged after many years of Kabbalah study: no science, wisdom or approach, psychological or pedagogical, will help human society curb or balance its overblown ego—the desire to enjoy at the expense of others—which is today at such high proportions, threatening our very existence.

As the positive forces of love, connection and giving, and the negative forces of hatred, division and egoism, become more polarized and opposite to each other, gnawing away at society in myriad ways, the more people are discovering how the wisdom of Kabbalah contains a special igniting force that can balance these forces and generate a whole new level of harmonious existence among humanity.

If you feel concern about the state of the world, the future of our following generations, then you are invited to connect to the convention broadcasts and participate by listening to the lessons, the discussions, the participants’ concerns, hopes and prayers for the fate of the world.

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