Why Are We Advancing So Slowly?

laitman_599.02Question: The Creator is perfection. Why then do we advance so primitively, so slowly, and with such suffering?

Answer: It is because we are not moving.

You can move toward the Creator only if you will connect more and more. The device that reveals the Creator is as many different people as possible connecting together and ready to destroy all the differences between them in order to find the Creator.

If the Creator is a single, unified force, a uniform field, then you must make sure that there are no differences between you; that is, you must connect in spite of your differences. In this case, you become a detector of this field, and the Creator is revealed in you.

Question: Can I influence the Creator from this point of observation? How can I do it?

Answer: You can influence Him only in one direction so that He will quickly lead you and all of humanity to His revelation and draw you closer to Him.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 11/24/19

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