Steps Toward The Unknown

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why does the Light work on us so slowly? What else must we do?

Answer: We are advancing in big steps. However, we can’t measure how many more steps we have to take in order to switch our perception from consuming inward to bestowal so as to draw the force that will link the “cogwheels,” our souls, together, thereby letting us feel the upper world.

Neither I nor anyone else in the world, including all the Kabbalists of the previous generations, have ever experienced the state we are undergoing today. Never before has such a large group of people striven to the end of correction based on the lack of connection between them, as well as the lack of the Creator’s revelation in them. Since there is no precedence for it, I cannot say in which form it will occur.

In truth, in the wisdom of Kabbalah, everything is identical to nature. If something isn’t revealed, you can’t know how it manifests. A real scientist will say that according to his data, it must be this way or that way, but if he makes a step forward, he steps into the unknown.

There are scientists that spend decades studying some phenomenon and are certain that they have found an explanation as to how it works. Yet, they suddenly say, “No, we were wrong“ and start all over again.

The same is true in reference to the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is a science. We have to explore the upper world ourselves and not expect an email, SMS, or something else from there. All that has been revealed up to this point, unfolded in personal, individual Kelim (vessels) of each Kabbalist.

Now, we must uncover the upper world in this enormous collective desire, in our mutual unification. And it will be done for the first time. All seven billion people might not unify, but there will still be hundreds of thousands or even millions.

In other words, the aspiration to see the spiritual world has become collective rather than individual. This has never been seen in the past. Hence, it is impossible to tell when it will occur, but we are advancing at a very fast pace.
From the Lecture on the Unity Day 12/26/2010

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