Freedom Of Choice, Part 10

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Question: When many people have freedom of will is it difficult or impossible to predict their future?

Answer: I would not say that many people have freedom of will. They have a chance, but they do not use it.

In order to understand how to they must study Kabbalah. They have to be in the group and cause a special energy and force to move in a certain direction under its influence. They don’t have that.

Question: Does a person who is engaged in studying Kabbalah evoke a certain type of influence from nature?

Answer: He increases the influence of nature. And so, nature leads us forward, constantly influencing us. But if we are in a group, then it increases its impact and thereby accelerates our internal development.

Question: What should we come to?

Answer: In our internal state, we must come to similarity to the Creator, to the property of bestowal and love. Nature leads us to this. But so far humanity advances through blows and suffering. If you move forward yourself, then you turn these sufferings into goodness and love.

Question: Is the property of bestowal and love manifested as unity between people?

Answer: It is from unity that we get the strength that develops us in a good way.

Remark: It turns out that nature, with all kinds of suffering, makes us somehow unite and become similar to the Creator.

My Comment: But if we don’t want to suffer and start studying the wisdom of Kabbalah, we begin to understand where nature should lead us. We see that we are not close to the Creator. This is what we feel as sufferings, although in fact they do not exist.

Then we can strive for unification, call upon ourselves the highest reforming light, which will develop us faster than anything else.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/4/19

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