Preparing To Jump To The Next Degree Through The Ten

laitman_962.2Faith above reason is a concept completely unknown to us; there are no such words in our ordinary vocabulary. But when we try to achieve connection, we begin to understand that the main observation point is the center of the ten. From it we begin to relate to the spiritual world, not from an individual point of a person, but from this common point in which one dissolves in the ten, leaving one’s egoism and personal, egoistic view of things. So, one rises from one’s animalistic worldview to the human one, starting to look at everything through one’s connection with the ten.

From this, a person can already understand what faith above reason is with the view of everything through unification. I do not exist, there is only us, and my foundation and vision come from our connection. The point from which I am observing is no longer in my desire to enjoy but in my desire to give to the ten. And therefore, this point is called faith, the point of Bina, bestowal.

Previously, I looked at everything from my desire to enjoy, and now I look from the point of Bina. It turns out that the point of Malchut rose to Bina, joined it, and it looks at all of creation from there. I join the center of the ten and look at everything with the eyes of faith. As long as I strive to get in touch with the ten and perceive our connection above personal interests and my material, egoistic desires, this determines the size and height of my faith.

I would like to feel and understand the desire to enjoy with my mind, but I connect with my friends and give myself to the common goal, and this means that I gain faith above reason. The Creator does everything to bring me back to my animalistic desire to enjoy, to common sense, to firmly stand on the ground on four legs. But I do not want to return to the ground, I want to cling to the center of the ten as if suspended in the air like a soaring tower.

This is how we build this point, the center of the ten, and start to build a tower in it, a Temple, a house of holiness, that is, a place where Malchut (the house) is connected to Bina (holiness).1

Usually, we strive to overcome difficulties by ourselves, but this is not correct. The goal is to cling to the Creator. If I want to cope alone, I only increase my egoism, breaking away from the Creator. Therefore, in any obstacle, you need to see a way to stick even more to the Creator, a reason for a request and prayer.2

Rabash, “The Whole of the Torah Is One Holy Name”: That is, any overcoming in the work is called “walking in the work of the Creator, since each penny joins into a great amount.” That is, all the times we overcome accumulate to a certain measure required to become a Kli for the reception of the abundance.

And so it happens at every step. We never jump on it right away, but evaluate and try it more and more, like a cat preparing to jump, until we move to the next state.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/28/19, The Center of the Ten

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