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It is written that the Creator is near to those whose heart is broken. The heart breaks when I understand that I cannot break it by myself. I must exert many efforts to agree that my heart is really made of stone, and only the Creator is able to break it so love may enter.

We are building a bridge of love paved above an abyss of hatred. Hatred, combined with love, gives us the understanding and sensation of that which is called the Creator—a unique quality of connecting irreconcilable differences.

Out of two extremes that negate one another, a single force is born that is not from this world, “the light that reforms”—it builds the connection between us, allowing us to understand what the Creator is.
As a result of the opposition of two forces—love and hatred, and their union, the middle line, the Creator emerges.

Arvut is a special connection, the right connection between broken desires, hearts. Not one person, but as one, as if one desire. Inside, only a deep difference between one and the other remains, polar opposition and hatred, covered by love.

The world is one system in which we unconsciously carry out its laws. We must include ourselves in it consciously, intentionally taking part in its management. The system is broken, tangled, and is revealed at the lowest degree, “this world.” We have to unite this system until we attain the Creator’s degree.

I have to make efforts so the light will come and unite our ten into a spiritual Partzuf. The light connects us into one creation, Malchut.

Mutual guarantee is the sensation of the common network and us inside of it. The common network is the common soul, Adam HaRishon, and we are its parts. Every person is a part of the common desire.
We are all connected by mutual guarantee, fused into one soul filled by the Creator. The common system is the spiritual degrees, worlds.
From Twitter, 12/9/19

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