My Thoughts On Twitter 12/22/19

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Helicopter #money means that even under a threat of collapse of the global egoistic system, we are ready for anything except the cure for egoism. In such a situation, it is clear that only the spread of Kabbalah will change the #world.

The disease of discord rages in the body of the people of Israel, while healing lies in the opposite condition—in our unity. Healing consists of building relationships based on the great principle: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
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Franz Stangl, the commander of the concentration camps Sobibor and #Treblinka: “I am confident that everything that has happened was Divine providence. It had to be that the Jews needed some incredible compulsion to unite and become a real nation.”
#AntiSemitism #Jewish

#Hanukkah, the festival of lights, is taking place in troubled times in 2019 as #AntiSemitism. Semitism is coming down on the Jews around the world once again. Our existence is a miracle after all the persecution throughout history. The seething anti-Semitism will not stop and hatred of the #Jews will escalate.

The essence of the Jews lies in their mission to the world—to achieve an example of unity over divisiveness. Until we unite, bringing humanity to a positive connection, the nations of the world will hate us. There is no greater national divide than with the Jews.
They are the ones who must become an example of unity to all the nations.
From Twitter, 12/22/19

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