My Thoughts On Twitter 12/17/19

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We, Jews, must show the world that we can unite over hostile divisions in society. By becoming an example of how to unite, we pass the positive unifying forces to humanity and engender a positive attitude toward us.

Today we’re reaching a new global scale of anti-Semitism, which is unprecedented, because the world is more globally integrated. #Antisemitism is becoming a natural phenomenon in non-Jews: they subconsciously expect the Jews to begin connecting people in a positive way.

About 3,800 years ago in ancient Babylon, Abraham gave us the name “the people of Israel” (“Isra-El” from the words “Yashar-El,” meaning “straight to the Creator”). We were later called #Jews – “Yehudi” from the word “unity, united.” [Yaarot Devash, Part 2]

In the 2010s, after a surge of #Antisemitism—anti-Semitic crimes and threats, along with anti-Semitic sentiments, all of the present signs point to the next Holocaust emerging in the United States. But I don’t see the #Jews having an adequate response to this message.

To prevent a future anti-utopian scenario for the Jewish people in the US and other countries, we must unite, according to the principle “love others as yourself,” and become the “light to the nations,” that is, a conductor transmitting the positive unifying force of nature into the world.
From Twitter, 12/17/19

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