Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 7/14/19

627.2Question: Can the comfort of development be the criterion for its correctness?

Answer: No. We just say that if we do the right thing, we feel comfortable because of it. What does “comfortable” mean?

It is evaluated by completely different definitions, and not egoistic ones, because my demands for the world, for life, are changing. That is, comfort takes on a completely different shape for me, life takes on a different content.

Question: It is known that there is no concept of time and space in spirituality. How can I determine that my current state of development is slower than it should be? Based on what criteria is my path considered to be accelerated? Do I determine this acceleration?

Answer: Acceleration of the spiritual path is determined by you and the environment. This is first.

Second, there is no time in the spiritual world. The 6,000 years we talk about are not years but the number of states that we must go through. That is, this is 6,000 degrees of our consecutive changes from complete and absolute egoism to complete, absolute altruism.

Question: How can a person recognize such an environment that will develop him through the path of light?

Answer: To do so, you join a group where you can discuss it. Only in the group and not outside. You can, of course, give lectures to beginners, and arrange other circles of study. However, you can only discuss spiritual development among yourselves.

Question: What should we do when there are disagreements between individual friends in the group? Should we blame everything on the Creator or try to still balance the dispute and reach an understanding?

Answer: It is imperative to reach an understanding based on the fact that it is the Creator who causes all kinds of problems and only in order for you to rise above them.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 7/14/19

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