“It Is Reported That Russia Is Considering Unplugging From The Internet. Do You Think They Will And Why Would They Do This?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: It is reported that Russia is considering unplugging from the internet. Do you think they will and why would they do this?

In essence, in today’s increasingly socially divisive reality, I support that every nation can control its own Internet. It might seem to counter the approach of global interdependence and interconnectedness that I often write and speak about, but in reality, it is not so.

In order to realize our growing global technological interconnectedness positively, it needs to be accompanied with a form of education that upgrades our attitudes to each other, so that we match our increasing external connections with improving internal attitudes to each other.

By failing to implement such connection-enriching learning, then the global Internet we have created becomes a mirror of our corrupt egoistic attitudes to each other. Instead of serving as a platform that we use to better our human relations, it becomes a sort of marketplace where we each go to either blabber about whatever is on our mind, or use it to profit off of others.

Therefore, since we fail to upgrade our attitudes to each other, I don’t blame any nations for trying to setup national control over the Internet. By failing to accompany our increasing pluralism and freedom with connection-enriching learning that improves our attitudes to each other, we then fail to realize a higher level of human consciousness that our global world with its tightening connections is inviting us to. It thus comes as no surprise that nations will start making protectionist motions such as closing off the Internet.

Instead of positive relations spreading throughout the Internet, if we see a proliferation of hatred and divisiveness, then it definitely becomes better to shut it off. An Internet that serves increasing positive human connections would draw no criticism from any nation or government: all would enjoy from a globally-connected environment that provides us with a constant supply of happiness, confidence, support, encouragement and motivation.

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