Why We Need This World

laitman_294.1How does one rise from a devastated state to the greatness of the Creator, to faith above reason? In truth, a person is incapable of rising from a state of genuine devastation because this is the opening of a new space that was empty during the breaking of Adam HaRishon that we need to correct and fill with the light of connection. Therefore, we have no forces and means for this. Within this world, there are no forces capable of filling this spiritual vacuum, and we have no spiritual means.

Even if we were already in the spiritual world, on spiritual degrees, we could not correct this empty space being revealed to us. This happens every time because new desires are revealed that we did not have previously. With each step, stronger broken desires manifest; therefore all our previous experience does not help.

So we are in this world, in a material, physical group that we must use in order to rise from one level to another. Now we understand why this reality is needed. When I fall, I remain empty without any support in the past and no hope for the future, without any chance to go from step to step, because the level is broken and it is impossible to understand and see anything in it. The only thing that can be done is to join the group and start work anew: to unite with the friends, try to get involved with them as much as possible, drawing the reforming light, and the Creator will finish this work for me.

Therefore, until we complete all the corrections, we cannot free ourselves from this world. This system must exist. Indeed, when a new empty space is revealed, meaning the next broken Reshimo in the chain, I have no other way but to join the group and get new forces from our connection for the ascent. And so it is every time.1

It is said: “What the mind does not do, time does.” And time is a sequence of actions, impressions that I need to undergo in order to understand that I have nothing but a group. On the other hand, I have a group, how wonderful!

To the extent that I am falling now, I begin to appreciate the group. And this is not a fall, but a new, uncorrected degree. If I join the group and fall into the arms of my friends, they will save me. Therefore, the material state, meaning connection, the center of the tens, is so important for entering the spiritual ladder. If I don’t imagine this whole system, I don’t feel where the center of the ten is located, the group and me inside it, if I don’t form such a model of connection, then I will be unable to get a single broken Reshimo. After all, one can only rise from it through a connection with the ten. The model of ten should begin to live in me, each time clearing up more and more. Therefore, the reality of this world we are in is so important.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/30/19, “The Work in Faith Above Reason”    

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