One Common Reality Called The Kli

laitman_259.02Why should our work be in concealment and darkness? It is because initially we feel nothing spiritual. We are created opposite to the spiritual quality of bestowal and love in order to build spiritual, real people. The human (Adam) is called “similar” (Domeh) to the Creator, and we need to create this from ourselves.

How do we do this? The Creator has broken us into pieces and He is between us. In order to reveal Him, we need to connect among each other. To the extent of such connection—tension, intensity, sensory perception of our connection, unification, and aspiration to each other—we will begin to feel the Creator.

This work is being hidden because we do not feel and are not interested in what is between us at all. We are only interested in what is inside of us, and what is outside of us as if does not exist. Externality exists only to the extent that we feel its benefit for ourselves and no more.

How can I transform myself to a sensor that feels externality more than internality? To stop feeling what is inside of me means restriction (Tzimtzum). I begin to feel that outside of me is the reflected light (Ohr Hozer), and what I will feel in this reflected Light, that is, in the feelings emanating from me outwardly, will be called the Creator.

Therefore, the work is being done in concealment, in the dark, at night.

The Creator invented a trick to let us perceive a reality that we should not perceive. This trick is called darkness. When it seems to us that we are lost, lacking understanding, knowledge and sensation, when we are confused, lost, falling into an unknown state, and losing our orientation in the world, this means that we are at the beginning of a new spiritual stage of comprehension and have a reliable basis for revealing the light. As the saying goes: “the advantage of the light is from within the darkness.”

Therefore, the feeling that I understand even less than before actually creates very good prerequisites for moving forward. Any new spiritual step begins with loss, disorientation, and a feeling of hopelessness, that is, darkness. To the extent that we feel darkness, we continue to make efforts and search for the light. The light is outside of us and the darkness is revealed within us.

This is where the whole method comes from: you must exit yourself toward your friends, and on the way toward them, you will find the light. They come to you and you go to them: this is how we mutually help each other even with selfish goals. This is already some kind of movement, like a baby that may make some movements unconsciously. But these chaotic and unconscious movements propel us forward.

The upper force gives us hints and plays with us. This Creator creates everything around us. We will later see how He works in us. There is nothing around us—the reality we feel is in each of us. Then we will understand that there is not each of us individually but only the one common reality called the Kli, HaVaYaH.

If I feel lost, this is a template from the Creator of my new state. I have to close my eyes and just connect to my friends. The Creator will resist this, assuring that there is nothing to look for because they are the same as me, and perhaps even worse. While in egoism, I see them in even greater egoism and greater darkness.

But I try to navigate in this chaotic state by exiting myself and trying to understand how to connect with others outside myself, right up to the feeling of a new reality there.1
From Lesson 4, World Kabbalah Convention in Moldova 9/7/19, Rejoice in What We Lack/Work in Concealment

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