The Best Time For Building The Kli

laitman_283.02We must understand that after such a large, strong gathering and the ascent we had during the world convention in Moldova, there can be big descents, increased darkness, frustration, and a sense of helplessness. Ascents and descents must be balanced. Therefore, the more substantial the ascent was, the more severe the descent must be after it as a preparation for an even greater ascent.

It is necessary to take this into account and treat the descent purposefully, understanding that it is part of our work. Therefore, we should return again to the main topic of “There is none else besides the Creator.”1

By myself, I can get some initial feeling of being inside the Creator. But I am incapable of any action and attitude toward Him. The Creator is something that exists within the tens. Otherwise, it will be not the Creator but an idol I created.

I can express my attitude to the Creator only through my attitude to the friends. By working on the connection in the ten, I build my attitude to the Creator.

We feel darkness in the friends because we are different from one another. However, this is not darkness but the reverse side of the Light, directing us toward the Creator. There is no more loyal ally than darkness. Hold on to it, because only it will lead you to the truth.

Darkness helps us not lose our heads from what we received in our feelings and our minds. The mind and the heart do not act, only darkness works, and this is a tremendous help. Therefore, darkness is a new creation; the Creator created darkness. Darkness aims us in the right direction and connects us with the Creator.2

The ten is ten people, each of whom is willing to annul himself, to sacrifice himself, in order to enter among the others only to support them. He does not demand anything for himself, but only looks for a place of work. He then turns into a sewing thread that stitches everyone together. He asks only for such work because by sewing everyone together, he brings contentment to the Creator.

Therefore, the ten I sit in and the names of the people in the ten do not matter to me. What matters is for them to have desires that they are ready to give to me so that I will stitch them together, investing my efforts into this work.

If we feel darkness and emptiness now, then this is the best time for building the Kli. We must love the states of darkness. I then have no one to rely on besides the Creator, and I cling to Him. At first, it is just an egoistic desire to protect myself: “It is good that there is the Creator who controls everything and does everything, and I will adhere to Him, there is no other choice.”

Afterward, however, even without any self-interest, without any reward, I will be ready to adhere to this single point. The vessel of bestowal will begin to develop from it. Everything that comes above this point of self-annulment will turn into Hassadim (mercy), into bestowal. I want nothing other than that. This is how we build the vessel of bestowal, and the moment it appears, I will be able to feel the light of Hochma for the sake of bestowal in it.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/10/19, “There Is None Else Besides Him”

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